• Hair Treatments
  • Mimic Lines
  • Eye Edge Wrinkles
  • Bruising and Ringing
  • Pigmentation and Melanin Treatment
  • Acne and Scar Treatments
  •  Intensive Moisture Treatment
  •  Lip Over Wrinkles
  •  Loss of Elasticity
  •  Under the Chin
  • Neck and Decollete Area

MesoMD is a professional skin treatment procedure. It treats the skin by directly injecting these beneficial products, to nourish the skin of its lacking vitamins by using 5 headed 2 mm needles. This procedure is only suitable to be used with Playskin Meso MD mesotherapy syringes and their products and cannot be used with any external products. An additional benefit is that the MesoMD device can be used for 180 minutes without the need of recharging. This unique technology differs from any other mesotherapy device in that it offers treatment with a technology that has never existed before. This unique dermatological method actually enables the mesotherapy products needed by the skin to inject through the deepest layers of the skin due to this advanced liposome technology and use of 5 headed 2 mm needles

NUMBER OF NEEDLES: 5 subcutaneous injection needles

NEEDLE SIZE: 1.5 mm 2 mm

VIAL INJECTION SPEED: 0.001 ml – 0.1 ml per second

VIAL CONTAINS: One subcutaneous 5-injection needles containing 3 ml of Playskin MesoMD syringe